Superb orangutans photos

I like monkeys and I like orangutans. They are some really funny and friendly monkeys. The almost look like humans, but they are uglier. Here’ s a photo gallery with the best orangutans I’ve ever seen.

I have many favorite photos between these photos, but they are all superb orangutans photos.

sweet orangutan baby

This orangutan baby is so upset.

sad orangutan baby

Poor orangutan mom protecting her baby.

protective orangutan mom

Here we have two nice orangutans ready for climbing.

orangutans playing

This two orangutans faces are so funny.

orangutans baby playing

I think the orangutan lady has a headache.


This big orangutan face is so cute.

orangutan playing

Isn’t this orangutan adorable ?

orangutan photo

Amazing orangutans photo on the grass.

orangutan mom son

The little orangutan is very angry.

orangutan kid

This orangutan looks like a granny waiting for her grandchildren.

orangutan granny

The orangutan is staring to the sky, asking god for more bananas 😀

orangutan glance

But…when they don’t have bananas, the leafs are just fine 😀

orangutan eating leaf

Even one coin can be delicious in hard time.

orangutan eat coin

This is a very funny hungry orangutan .

orangutan eat cartboard

Take a look at this cute small orangutan 🙂

orangutan climbing

This is an amazing orangutan photo.

orangutan big

The orangutan baby is very serious about his skills.

orangutan baby scramble

The orangutan baby is upset because he’s not allowed to drink Coke.

orangutan baby playing

Astonishing baby orangutan kissing the camera.

orangutan baby kissing camera

Funny and hairy orangutan baby.

orangutan baby

Hilarious orangutan face.


Big orangutan photo.

old orangutan

Amazing orangutan photo.

nice orangutan glimpse

This is a nice orangutans family. The little one is adorable.

nice orangutan family

Skinny little orangutan.

nice orangutan baby

Great orangutan photography.

nice orangutan

I believe the sun is a problem for this orangutan.

funny orangutan face

Very hilarious orangutan protesting against cattle.

funny orangutan

This little orangutan with diaper is very funny.

funny baby orangutan

This orangutan eyes are like two big black olives.

cute orangutan baby

His face is so cute.

cute orangutan

This orangutan has a lot of thoughts on his mind.

contemplative orangutan

Poor orangutan face.

big orangutan face

This orangutan is sending a kiss to his girlfriend.

big orangutan

baby orangutan

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  1. “Long time, no see, cousins!”
    Thanks, Photogic, for these great collections. I just discovered you, and already added this site to my bookmarks. Hope to see the next one soon!

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