Some very cool insects and birds photos

I love insects because of their colors and huge eyes. Here’s a collection with some of the coolest photos of insects and also with some really nice birds. I know that usually birds eat insects, but it won’t happen here on This is beautiful photography art and insect photography is one of my favorite hobbies.

This beautiful photos collection is a really great source of inspiration for many photographers.

I think this is an very interesting insect, but more interesting are the eyes.

interesting insect

This is a beautiful white owl πŸ™‚

flying owl

I always liked full moon.

flamingo birds moonlight

This little bird is just gorgeous! Enjoy the colors!

colourful little bird

This looks like an happy butterfly, pleased by the flowers πŸ™‚

butterfly yellow

Great bug photo is coming next πŸ™‚

bug photo

I think the parrot is an special bird: smart and pretty πŸ™‚

blue parrot

This couple of snails are taking a walk before their sleeping πŸ™‚

beautiful snails photo

I belive the nature is amazing. This little bird is a gift for human race.

beautiful small birds

The ladybirds are like a joy for us. They only can give a smile to us πŸ™‚

wet ladybird

Can you look into his eyes?

snail photo

When  i see this photo i can’t stop imagine the silver cover this dragonfly.

silver dragonfly

Cute little owl on a tree.


Nice little butterfly πŸ™‚

nice insect

This looks like an wise old frog.

nice frog photo

Happy cricket on a stick.

nice cricket

Nice butterfly, but a little bit hairy πŸ˜€

nice butterfly

This little birds are playing on the grass.

nice birds playing

I think this insect has a very funny face πŸ™‚

nice angry insect

Nice small birds! Amazing photo!


I love butterflies.


This is a well done bird photo.


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