Nature photography

Nature shows us how beautiful is our Planet. Still very beautiful! As you can see in the below photo collection, nature can be and is an wonder. Nature is magic and simply amazing!

These are just some of the amazing photos of nature I’ve ever seen. I hope you can tell me more! Enjoy!


Exquisite sunset on this piece of earth.

nice shore photo

The peaks of the mountains looks like old men admiring the marvelous green valley’s church.

nice landscape photo

If you like walking in the nature, in the forest…you couldn’t notice this amazing trees .

nice forest tree

Lot of fog in this morning….not a car dare to go for a ride on that fog.

nice bridge fog

Amazing phenomenon appears when the green color of the trees is reflected in the water.

green lake waterfall

Pure and calm spring view of this forest road.

green forest road

Did you ever had the chance to see something like this ? It’s absolutely spectacular this golden forest.

golden forest

Celestial view of the nature!

clouds sky

Rare blue color of the river.

blue river photo

Nice smoky sunset .

beautiful tree

Impetuous church surrounded  by huge mountains.

beautiful mountain church

Sublime and pure lake ! Absolutely beautiful.

beautiful lake photo

The most relaxing place in any forest is the glade…when you reach it.

beautiful forest

Exotic sunset landscape.

beautiful beach landscape

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