Cute cats photos

For some people cats are a passion, a delight, they love them so much that they would do anything for these nice animals. But some people do not like cats so much. For all these people here’s a cool selection of cute photos of cats. I honestly do not like some of these cats, but many of these photos are really great.

These cute cats photos are really professional and some of them are masterpieces.

ugly cat photo

I really don’t like this cat.

ugly cat

This is a cute little cat baby 🙂

sweet kitty photo

I like this beautiful blue eyes 🙂

sweet cat photography

This is a nice relaxed cat 😛

sweet cat photo

This is just a little bit furry cat 🙂

serious cat photo

I like those green heart eyes. They are great 😛

sad cat photo

This is a sleepy Russian blue cat 🙂

russian cat photo

I think this cat is just lovely 🙂

russian blue cat photo

Kittens are the best pets you can have. They have such a lot of energy for all day long 😛

nice kitten photo

nice cats photo

This two cats eyes are amazing 🙂

nice cat photography

nice cat photo

If you like cats, this is a nice photo for your desktop background.

nice cat image

Funny kitten playing with some fly 😀

kitten playing photo

What I love most about the cats, is this innocent look waiting for you to play with them 😀

kitten photo

This is a very funny white cat. Isn’t she funny?

funny kitten photo

Two gorgeous kittens staring at the mouse 😛

funny cats mouse photo

Even this cat is a little bit fat, she is still in the mood to play 🙂

funny cat playing photo

I think the cat has see a mouse 😛

funny cat photo

What about a smile ? She is certainly happy to see you 😀

cat smiling photo

It’s time for a lazy cats nap 🙂

cat sleeping photo

cat sleeping fly photo

But, why can you say when two cats are kissing each over ?

cats kissing

Too much seriousness for a cat 😀

cat photo

Hey…is it me? I’m so cute 😛

cat mirror photo

This cat love to eat grapes 🙂

cat eating grapes photo

In the basket: is the most comfortable place for cats 😀

cat basket photo

I like very much blue Russian cats, especially the kittens 🙂

blue russian cat

This blue cat eyes are gorgeous !

birmanese cat photo

This is a beautiful furry cat 🙂

beautiful cat photo

The next photo is great. This blue Russian cat nose is so so cute !

amazing russian blue cat photo

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  1. Your cats you have on site that you state are Russian Blues are not and don’t look anything like a Russian Blue. Your’s are British Short Hairs. Please retitle your photos

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