Bugs photography

A wonderful selection of photos with bugs, flies, butterflies, caterpillars and also you will see some snails. I can call this as bugs photography as some of them are really top macro photography of these wonderful insects.

I like to play with bugs, I think they are really funny and I love the colors of the butterflies. This set of bugs photography has so many amazing photos which I hope you will enjoy.

wood colour dew butterfly

This butterfly wings looks like a piece of wood.

wood colour butterfly

It happened that I once touched a butterfly like this. It is so soft πŸ™‚

white green butterfly

Nice dragonfly with silver wings.

wet dragonfly

Take a look at this great photo with a nice caterpillar.

wet caterpillar

Very nice image, where the big dragonfly give life lessons to his small baby πŸ™‚

sweet small dragonfly

Do you like this spider? I think he looks great.

spider photo

Great snail photo πŸ™‚

snail photo

This little spider eyes are so funny :d

small spider photo

Great spider photography πŸ™‚

small spider

I believe this is an interesting sleazy insect.

sleazy insect

The next image is with a red bug.

red bug

Did you ever see an orange spider?

orange spider

This is a great orange insect photo.

orange insect photo

I think this butterfly colours are gorgeous πŸ™‚

orange butterfly

Very nice spider photography.

nice spider photo

I like the insect’s hair :)) Wonderful macro photography.

nice insect yellow photo

The brown spots cover the insect cheeks. It is so funny πŸ™‚

nice insect pic

This is a furry insect photo :))

nice insect photo

Another interesting insect.  Amazing bugs photography!

nice insect

Great dragonfly πŸ™‚

nice dragonfly photo

I just love this silver wings πŸ™‚

nice dragonfly

How could you not like butterflies ? The colors are so nice !

nice butterfly pic

nice butterfly

Love between bug πŸ˜›

nice bugs rain

This is a huge nice bug. Great macro photo!

nice bug

Nice photo of moth drinking dew.

moth photo

This is a great insects photo πŸ˜›

interesting insects

Take a look at this amazing insect. The colors are just gorgeous πŸ˜›

interesting insect

This dragonfly is so nice πŸ™‚

interesting dragonfly

Amazing orange spider!

interesting bug

Can you see the spider eyes ?

insect photo

I think this dragonfly color is so beautiful πŸ™‚

green dragonfly

Can you see this cricket look ? πŸ˜€

green cricket photo

Great cricket hugging a flower πŸ˜›

green cricket

This spider is so nice πŸ™‚

great spider photo

great spider colour

I like so much the hairy insects! They are so funny πŸ˜€

great insect photo

Nice dragonfly photography !

great dragonfly pic

This insect is so funny πŸ˜›

funny insect photo

Great butterfly…looks so soft πŸ™‚

flowers butterfly

Amazing dragonflies photos !

dragonfly pink flower


Nice photos with  interesting insects.

dew insect

cricket photo

Very smart cricket look πŸ™‚


This butterfly is so nice. The colors are beautiful !

colorful butterfly

Nice firefly photo.

climbing bug

Amazing bug photo πŸ™‚

bug tree photo

The black orange stripes are so nice !

black orange insect photo

Amazing spider !

big spider photo

Cute insect face πŸ™‚

big insect photo

The bee is so cute πŸ˜›

bee flower

This is a beautiful butterfly πŸ™‚

beautiful white butterfly

Beautiful butterfly colors !

beautiful butterfly

I like dragonflies so much :). They are beautiful.

artistic dragonfly

Very cute insect, cover with morning dew.

artistic bug photo

Amazing spider photo πŸ™‚

amazing spider

This small dragonfly is so cute πŸ˜›

amazing insect photo

Great bug photo.

amazing bug

This bee looks like a princess πŸ™‚

amazing bee photo

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