Beautiful black and white pin-ups photos

The flavor of the pin-up girls photos is a special one and reminds us of those times when everything seems to be perfect, although it was not, when all the people seem to be more beautiful and happy, although they were not. These black and which photos with these superb women which were known as pin-ups are source of inspiration to many photographers and a moment of relaxation and joy for all of us.

These gorgeous girls wear beautiful vintage clothing, they have those superb retro hair-cuts and those nice and decent swimwear. This is really superb black and white photography.

Those women had a special way to smile, beautiful eyes and they were not as skinny as many fashion models today, which it was a great thing.


The pin-up girl in the next black and white photo, has a superb body and cute face.


The next photo looks like a vintage postcard with a celebrity, having that lovely sepia effect.


Even if the next photo shows us a pirate, that is really pleasant as the girl looks simply amazing!


This swimwear with those stripes were seen on many beaches at that time when this BW photo was taken. The woman seems really happy and shiny.


This is the leopard woman, sitting on a leopard skin and wearing similar clothing. She is a beautiful brunette with amazing eyes and lips.


The next photo is cute, because the pin-up girl wears a swimwear with some flamingos on it and the birds are really funny.


Another type of clothes was those which has these bubbles on it. This is a white photo, but if it was a color photo I bet that the dress was white with red bubbles dots.


Blond women were very beautiful at that time as you can see in the next photo.


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