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This is a post with so many amazing photos for all the people who love beautiful photography. Here are photos with nature scenes, animals, humans, plants and other things. All these amazing photos are so creative and very professionally done.

I do not know which one of the below photos is the best so I will wait for your comments. You have to admit this is a very nice gallery.

winter photo

I like to eat mushrooms, but I’ll never try to taste those 😛

wild mushrooms

This blue sky is so nice 🙂

perfect blue sky

Great snail photo.

nice snail

I just love full moon sunset.

nice photo

I like this tree shape.

nice lake photo

Do you think is tasty? I wouldn’t dare to taste it 😛

nice fruit

You recognize Nemo? 😀

nice coral

Great bird photo!

nice bird photo

Amazing smoke photo.

interesting smoke

I always liked parrots, they are so cute, especially this one with his spoon 😀

funny parrot

Very funny swimming bird 😀

funny bird

I like this desert tree.

dessert photography

Funny owl face 😀

cute owl

Oh…..can you believe that he is so steady?

cute monkey

Beautiful camels in the desert 🙂

camels photo

Nice birds flying above the sea 🙂

birds photo

Beautiful desert sun !

beautiful view

Great photo 😛

amazing photo

Amazing green sky!

amazing lanscape

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